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  • chlorinated paraffin vinyl flooring for perfumery …

    The range of chlorinated paraffins available is generally grouped into a number of distinct 'families', depending on the chain-length of the feedstock, i.e.: Short-chain: based on C10-13 paraffin; medium-chain: based on C14-17 paraffin; long-chain: based on C18-20 (liquids), C>20 (liquids) and C20 wax grades (average carbon chain length approximately C25) Liquid grades of chlorinated paraffin ...

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  • Polyethylene - Wikipedia

    Chlorinated Polyethylene (PE-C) is an inexpensive material having a chlorine content from 34 to 44%. It is used in blends with PVC because the soft, rubbery chloropolyethylene is embedded in the PVC matrix, thereby increasing the impact resistance .

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    The general structure of chlorinated paraffins is C x H (2x-y+2) Cl y., The chain length of commercial chlorinated paraffins is normally between 10 and 30. Chlorine content varies between 40 –70 %. The chlorinated paraffins are divided into three groups: Short-chained chlorinated paraffins (C 10 – C 13 ), medium-chained chlorinated paraffins (C 14 – C 17 ) and long-chained chlorinated ...

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  • Dietary accumulation and quantitative …

    Commercial PCA formulations, which are also known as chlorinated paraffins, are complex mixtures of chlorinated n ‐alkanes with carbon‐chain lengths of between 10 and 30 and chlorine contents of between 30 and 70% by weight that are categorized by the carbon‐chain length: short (C 10–13 ), medium (C 14–17 ), or long (C 18–30 ).

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  • Chlorinated Paraffins 70% | Chlorinated Paraffins …

    Chlorinated Paraffins (CPs) are straight-chain hydrocarbons that have been chlorinated. Chlorinated paraffins are classified according to their carbon-chain length and percentage of chlorination, with carbon-chain lengths generally ranging from C 10 to C 30 and chlorination from approximately 35% to greater than 70% by weight.

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  • Chapter 4: Pesticides as water pollutants

    Mammalian and non-mammalian toxicity usually expressed as LD 50 ("Lethal Dose": ... This term describes the increasing concentration of a chemical as food energy is transformed within the food chain. As smaller organisms are eaten by larger organisms, the concentration of pesticides and other chemicals are increasingly magnified in tissue and other organs. Very high concentrations can be ...

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  • US Patent for Laundry detergent compositions …

    A method of laundering colored fabric which comprises the steps of: providing a detergent composition where the composition comprises from about 1% to about 20% by weight of alkyl ether sulfate of the formula R1—(OCH2CH2)x—O—SO3M, wherein R1 is a non-petroleum derived, linear or branched fatty alcohol consisting of even numbered carbon chain lengths of from about C8 to about C20, and ...

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    chain, and further into subcategories depending on their mass percentage of chlorine into low (30-50%), medium (50-60%), or highly (60-70%) chlorinated. Carbon chain length and chlorine content determine the properties of the individual CP product and vary depending on the specific use.

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  • Chlorinated Paraffins (C , 60% Chlorine) 12 CAS No. 108171 ...

    Chlorinated paraffins (C 12, 60% chlorine) are reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogens based on sufficient evidence of carcinoge-nicity from studies in experimental animals. Cancer Studies in Experimental Animals Oral exposure to chlorinated paraffins (C 12, 60% chlorine) caused tu-mors at several different tissue sites in mice and rats.

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  • Listing of POPs in the Stockholm Convention

    Chlorinated paraffins are produced by chlorination of straight-chained paraffin fractions. The carbon chain length of commercial chlorinated paraffins is usually between 10 and 30 carbon atoms. Short-chained chlorinated paraffins is between C10 and C13. The production of SCCPs has decreased globally as jurisdictions have established control ...

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  • Boiling Points for common Liquids and Gases

    Boiling temperatures for some common liquids and gases - acetone, butane, propane ..

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  • Follow-up Report on a PSL1 Substances For Which There Was ...

    Short Chain chlorinated paraffins (CPs) are chlorinated derivatives of n-alkanes, having carbon chain lengths ranging from 10 to 13 and a chlorine content ranging from 30 to 70% chlorine by weight Chlorination of the n-alkane feedstock yields extremely complex mixtures, owing to the many possible positions for the chlorine atoms, and standard analytical methods do not permit their separation ...

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