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  • Chlorinated paraffins in the technosphere: A …

    01/01/2020· 1. Introduction. Chlorinated paraffins (CPs) are chemicals produced by the chlorination of n-alkane feedstocks to different degrees, typically ranging from 40 to 70% of chlorine content by weight in commercial products.They are generally subdivided according to their chain length as short (SCCPs – C 10-C 13), medium (MCCPs – C 14-C 17), and long chain CPs (LCCPs – C 18-C 30) [1,2].

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  • aquatics ph-plus control agent liquid for coating mali

    Chlorinated Paraffin 52# Chlorinated Paraffin 62# Chlorinated Paraffin 70# Chlorinated Nparaffin Heat Stabilizer. Dibutyl Phthalate / DBP. DOWSIL™ 1-6184 Water Repellent | Dow Inc. A low-VOC, multifunctional, self-crosslinking, water soluble siloxane. Chat Online; Aquathol K - Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems. Elective contact control for submerged aquatic weeds, including Najas species, coontail ...

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  • agrochemicals, paradichlorobenzene, chlorinated …

    CHLORINATED PARAFFIN: A liquid Odourless, Colourless Plasticizers of all flexible PVC product manufacturing. All grades available with chlorine cont Contact Now . PARADICHLOROBENZENE. We offer Benzene/chlorine derivatives as follow : Para Dichloro Benzene - PDCB..99, 8% Min Ortho Dichloro - ODCB Mono Chloro Benzene - MCB Para Nitro Contact Now is the world's …

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    Flexible PVC Films Adhesives Perfumery Automobile Parts Rubber Belts Flexible Pipes and Tubings Paints Lubricants Metal Working Fluids Furniture Chemical Intermediates, etc. Product Range PVC Compound VINYL Footwear, Wires & Cables, Medical, Automotive, Sports, Profiles, etc. Dedicated line for Phthalate free grades & separate clean room for Medical / Food grades. …

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  • JP2000204213A - Pvc-based tape - Google Patents

    SOLUTION: In the PVC(polyvinyl chloride)-based tape obtained by forming a film base containing a PVC resin as a chief material in a tape, the film base comprises 100 pts.wt. of the PVC resin, 30-70 pts.wt. of a plasticizer, 5-40 pts.wt. of a chlorinated polyethylene, 2-30 pts.wt. of NBR (nitrile rubber), 4-30 pts.wt. of antimony oxide and 60 ...

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  • Plasticizers: Types, Uses, Classification, Selection ...

    18/04/2020· Plasticized PVC (or flexible PVC) finds applications in automotive interior trim, cables, PVC films, ... gaskets and some parts for automobile interiors. Citrate Plasticizers Citrate esters are used in many f-PVC toys. They are valued because they are “natural” products which may have high bio-based content (depending on how they are made) and they have low …

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    Cio-13 or C:;20 paraffins are also used, depending on the PVC or plastics type. Cio-13 chlorinated paraffins are suitable for water- and chemical-resistant, low-inflam-mability and abrasion-resistant paints, either as plasticizer or as a constituent of the binder. Special medium-chain length C14-17 grades are used for sealants. Chlorinated paraffin

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  • kanatol flame retardant plasticizers for chemical ...

    Chlorinated Paraffin 70# Chlorinated Nparaffin Heat Stabilizer. Dibutyl Phthalate / DBP . IntechOpen - Open Science Open Minds | … IntechOpen is a leading global publisher of Journals and Books within the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine. We are the preferred choice of over 60,000 authors worldwide. Chat Online; Pentaerythritol | C(CH2OH)4 - PubChem. …

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  • Chlorinated Paraffin (CPW) - Meet Marketing

    Chlorinated Paraffin (CPW) CPW is use as a secondary plasticizer for flexibility and durability in PVC application. CPW used partially replace more expensive primary plasticizer and more expensive primary flame - retardants for reduce the unit cost of flexible PVC products.

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  • Luxchem Trading Sdn Bhd | Luxchem

    Chlorinated Paraffin (CP 52%) - Flame retardant - Secondary plasticizer : KLJ Organic Ltd: Tin stabilizers : Methyl Tin Octyl Tin Others - Calendered sheets, bottles, IC tubes & non-toxic products (pipes, profiles & others) Luxchem Trading Sdn Bhd: CaZn / Lead Stabilizers : Stabinex® Calcium Zinc - (NL & MCZ series) Stabinex® Lead Based (OGP, OGW, BW, BP, BPR, BJ Series) - Non-toxic ...

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  • Global Chlorinated Paraffins Market 2017-2021

    The demand for chlorinated paraffins has been increasing over the years owing to their increased consumption in PVC compounding and lubricant industries, and the increased use of PVC in the automobile and construction industries. It is used extensively in manufacturing various products such as profiles and tubes, film and sheets, pipe and fittings, bottles, and …

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  • Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) of Plastics - …

    Other factors like branching, alkyl chain length, bond interaction, flexibility of polymer chain, film thickness etc. also have significant impact on glass transition temperature of polymers. Find commercial grades matching your thermal properties target using " Property Search - Glass Transition Temperature " filter in Omnexus Plastics Database:

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  • Paraffin wax in making PVC

    Non-polar lubricants which do not wet the metal surface, such as paraffin wax, allow PVC to stick to the metal surface. These additives are widely used in wire jacketing, PVC cable, synthetic rubber, chlorinated rubber, nitrocellulose polystyrene, PVC resins, footwear, vinyl flooring, medical equipment, adhesives, perfumes, non-toxic food containers, automobile parts, tubes and rubber belts.

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    Childers Childers® Chil-Out® CP-33 Series Vapor Retarder Coating, Size: 1 gal, Color: White, Application: For Use in Easy Application by Trowel or Brush, Temperature Rating: 40 to 100 deg F, Form: Liquid, Odor: Slight Ammonia, Composition: 10 to 30% Styrene Acrylic Copolymer, 1 to 5% Titanium Dioxide, Chlorinated Paraffin, 2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,3-Pentanediolmonoisobutyrate, Cure Time: 3 hr …

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