meaning of chlorinated paraffin in hindi

  • Paraffins Meaning in Urdu - بے مومی آمیزہ Be Momi Ameeza ...

    Paraffins meaning in Urdu: بے مومی آمیزہ - Be Momi Ameeza meaning, Definition Synonyms at English to Urdu dictionary gives you the best and accurate urdu translation and meanings of Paraffins and Be Momi Ameeza Meaning.

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  • Short circuit - definition of short circuit by The Free ...

    short circuit n. A low-resistance connection between two points in an electric circuit through which the current tends to flow rather than along the intended path. A short circuit can damage the circuit by overheating. short circuit n (Electronics) a faulty or accidental connection between two points of different potential in an electric circuit ...

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  • What is the meaning of Hendecatoic

    What is the meaning of 'hendecatoic' Hendecatoic Scrabble Scrore 19 ( ) a. Undecylic pertaining to, or derived from, hendecane as, hendecatoic acid. 8 letter words made by unscrambling the letters in Hendecatoic. Decatoic. 6 letter words made by unscrambling the letters in Hendecatoic.

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  • kerosene | Definition, Uses, & Facts | Britannica

    8/18/2020· Kerosene, flammable hydrocarbon liquid commonly used as a fuel. It is obtained from petroleum and used for burning in kerosene lamps and domestic heaters or furnaces, as a fuel or fuel component for jet engines, and as a solvent for greases and insecticides.

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  • Plasticizer - Wikipedia

    A plasticizer (UK: plasticiser) is a substance that is added to a material to make it softer and more flexible, to increase its plasticity, to decrease its viscosity, or to decrease friction during its handling in manufacture.. Plasticizers are commonly added to polymers such as plastics and rubber, either to facilitate the handling of the raw material during fabrication, or to meet the ...

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  • paraffin hydrocarbon - English Dictionary Definition

    paraffin paraffin wax paraffin hydrocarbon paraffin section hydrocarbon liquid paraffin aromatic hydrocarbon native paraffin paraffin series paraffin test paraffin base bicyclo hydrocarbon saturated hydrocarbon polynuclear hydrocarbon carcinogentic hydrocarbon cyclic hydrocarbon hydrocarbon series chlorinated hydrocarbon unsaturated hydrocarbon ...

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  • hindi vocabulary list -

    10000 Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning PDF … Dear Aspirants, Today We Are Sharing 10000 English Vocabulary PDF with Hindi meaning & Usage in Sentence PDF Download. This PDF is very useful for Upcoming Exams Like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CPO, MTS, etc. Daily Use Vocabulary Words with Hindi Meaning …

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  • Chlorine - Wikipedia

    Chlorine is a chemical element with the symbol Cl and atomic number 17. The second-lightest of the halogens , it appears between fluorine and bromine in the periodic table and its properties are mostly intermediate between them. Chlorine is a yellow-green gas at room temperature. It is an extremely reactive element and a strong oxidising agent: among the elements, it has the highest electron ...

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  • MOLBASE | Chemical Search and Share

    The second wave of price increases in the titanium dioxide market begins. The titanium dioxide market has experienced a round of generally rising in the early stage, and after entering August, it has started a collective price increase.

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  • What is Hydrocarbon? - Definition, Formula & Compounds ...

    Hydrocarbons: Definition. A hydrocarbon is an organic compound made of nothing more than carbons and hydrogens. It is possible for double or triple bonds to form between carbon atoms and even for ...

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  • SCCP Definition: Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffin ...

    As mentioned above, SCCP is used as an acronym in text messages to represent Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffin. This page is all about the acronym of SCCP and its meanings as Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffin. Please note that Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffin is not the only meaning …

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  • How to pronounce paraffin |

    How to say paraffin in English? Pronunciation of paraffin with 2 audio pronunciations, 17 synonyms, 2 meanings and more for paraffin.

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  • chlorinated paraffin marathi shabdkosh sale japan

    Chlorinated Paraffin Market Overview: Global chlorinated paraffin market size was $1,902 million in 2015 and is expected to reach $2,426 million by 2022, registering a CAGR of 3.5% during the forecast period. Chlorinated paraffin is produced by synthesis of chlorine gas unbranched paraffin fractions at temperature range of about 80–100°C.

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  • paraffines - English translation - French-English ...

    Translation for 'paraffines' in the free French-English dictionary and many other English translations.

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